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Apartments Constantine 2008 was named after one of the greatest and most important Roman emperors, Constantine the Great, who was born in Nis the third largest city in Serbia in 272. The city of Nis has many historical places worth visiting. We can refer you to them and make your stay in our city more pleasant and interesting.

In the 4th century, Emperor Constantine the Great built his magnificent summer residence Mediana on the Nis-Niska Banja road, whose remains (palaces, mosaics, thermal baths and sculptures) today attract the attention of archaeologists and numerous visitors.Mediana represents the remains of the imperial palace with a peristyle of luxurious villas with mosaic and fresco floors (about 600m2), economic buildings with pithos, baths, remains of fortifications, aqueducts and other buildings, which speak of the wealth and culture of the Naissus (Nis during Roman rule).

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